Salai Shop Shares Their Rich And Beautiful Pakistani Culture In The US

Salai Shop Shares Their Rich and Beautiful Pakistani Culture in the US. The Entertainer and Amir Khan, and created hilarious social media videos with Sham Idrees, to help popularize the best of South Asian culture in the United States.

Salai Shop is a well-known department store in New York, offering some of Pakistan’s biggest brands to some of the world’s most famous celebrities in sport, entertainment and social media. The company has helped to dress boxing champion Amir Khan, hip hop icon Cedric The Entertainer, and has collaborated with Sham Idrees to create hilarious viral videos, all in the name of popularizing south Asian culture, looks and brands in the United States.

The company has committed to keeping the rich and beautiful Pakistani culture alive in the great country of the United States. At home, Salai Shop is known as The Bloomingdales of Pakistan, and in the US, the New York store carries all the latest designs for women, men and kids. Salai Shop offers free shipping across the United States, with an online store available for customers further afield for latest clothing trends.

Salai Shop Shares Their Rich And Beautiful Pakistani Culture In The US

Salai Shop Shares Their Rich And Beautiful Pakistani Culture In The US

Their growing relationships with celebrities across sports and entertainment has helped the store raise its profile, and popularize Pakistani brands in America. The store has thousands of items and works tirelessly to offer the best experience to customers, both online and in store. Salai Shop is now the celebrities favorite South Asian brand.

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A spokesperson for Salai Shop explained, “Our social media feeds are regularly updated and feature amazing photography, great information on the latest deals, and regular celeb spotting opportunities. The products we sell are authentically Pakistani, and with a population of over 350,000 Pakistanis living in the United States, and millions more Muslims happily living and working in this great country, the demand for authentic cultural fashion is only getting higher. We aim to provide the very best, and our celebrity customers are helping us popularize these fashions across the country.”

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