Latest men’s waistcoat 2021

The hottest suiting trend for men: Latest men’s waistcoat 2021


A waist coat is a sartorial saviour, which has redemptive powers. The absolute structure and clean lines adulate the ideal manly frame, even if you are too skinny or just on the broader side. Waist coats can be worn on different occasions, whether social or corporate. It is also a traditional garment for weddings around Pakistan and India.


What is a Waistcoat?


A waistcoat is a men’s upper-body garment with no sleeves. It is a traditional pakistani garment, which can be worn in a number of ways. With its classy looks, it adds a stylish look to your weekly work suit. It is also part of the formal three piece suit of men. Wearing a waistcoat on-top-of shalwaar kameez looks quite elegant.

 Here are a few tips on how to pull-off the latest men’s waistcoats in 2021.


  1. Make sure your waistcoat fits you completely. Do Not wear a waistcoat which is too tight.
  2. If you are wearing a shirt beneath your waistcoat or vest, make sure its properly tucked in.
  3. For formal occasions; try using waistcoats with formal colours such as black, navy blue and shades of grey including charcoal grey or Davy grey.



According to pakistani fashion, the latest men’s waistcoats in 2021 are available in different types. The fabric used mostly in stitching of this traditional men’s wear is tweed and cotton. Tweed waistcoats are more in fashion as they can be worn more casually usually paired with jeans and half-sleeved shirts for informal occasions. On the other hand, cotton waistcoats are worn in formal events paired with a suit.


For more sleeker looks, Single Breasted waistcoats are the best option. They have a single row of buttons in front of them and are more trendy then double breasted waistcoats. Whereas Double breasted waistcoats can be worn at occasions with a strict dress code. They have a more traditional look than Single Breasted waistcoats.


The latest mens waistcoats in 2021 can be expressed in a number of ways and looks with few mentioned below:


  1. Smart casual way: With its sophisticated looks, a waistcoat adds beauty to a casual attire. With a shirt, tie and jeans, the look is finally completed with a pair of oxford shoes to make the attire even more dashing.


  1. Street style: If you are someone who’s into blue, then you get the most benefit. Using different shades, try wearing a shirt, jeans and a waistcoat that complement each other. If you are bold enough, try using more bright or vivid colours to complement summer evenings. However, this look might not be appropriate for family dinners.But on the city roads, you might win the hearts of many.


  1. Eccentric style: If you want something more lively, give this look a try. Use bright coloured waistcoats imprinted with vivid,bold patterns and set a new trend for this year 2021. This look with self-printed waistcoats goes very well with shalwaar kameez, a part of latest men’s waistcoat 2021.


Top 4 Fashion trends of Latest men’s waistcoats in 2021


To stay on top of the line in fashion, you must be aware of what’s in vogue in 2021. As for waist coats, certain design variations over the years are renewed for 2021 fashion and so you can find designers adding their unique touch to come up with new fashion styles for waistcoat suits. Here are some styles that are still applicable to 2021.


  • Embroidered waistcoats

With all the array of different embroidered designs out there, waistcoats can look much more fancy for the wedding season or festive occasions. Embroidery can be both simplistic and fancy to cover suitability to all occasions. Furthermore, you can enhance the looks with color scheming within the embroidery. There are tonnes of contrasts of color that fit perfectly with waistcoats’ embroidery for latest men’s waistcoats 2021.


  • Printed waistcoats

Waistcoats come in all sorts of alluring patterns and prints. Now you can choose prints considering the occasion. Wedding season demands a festive print  with more detail while for other formal functions, you can choose a slightly lighter and more decent embroidery for an elegant look. All the brands have been working to bring the best prints for the new 2021 fashion and the shops are stocked with intricate and graceful prints out there. Have a look, and pick whatever suits your needs.


  • Simple color toned waistcoats

Simplicity in design attires gives ultimately a graceful look. In the case of waist coats, a simple color toned fashion is trending. Shades and hues of colors like blue and black in the simplest form can be perfect for formal wearing. This fashion trend is for those who prefer a minimalistic touch to their dresses. The kurta underneath this waistcoat can be more fancy and it compliments the style still.


  • Textured fabric waistcoats

Waistcoats can be made of different types of fabrics. Simplistic, patterned and last comes textured where the fabric has a self print. It follows unanimous and unique textures of faded and slight stripes or other patterns embedded deep down in the fabric. It creates a sleek and lavish final look. With a minimalistic and yet majestic image, you’d feel complete confidence when you try this waistcoat fashion. Also, it is a leveled style so you can use it for both weddings and less festive occasions as well. 


Bottom Line


Among the vast variety of breathtaking designs and variations, it can be difficult to choose for the latest fashion. Menswear is only recently being more focused on by the brands for creating new fashionable attires in the already traditional and limited options of attires for men. Waistcoats are an elegant ornament to boost the looks of a regular kurta shalwar suit.


Be it weddings or any other occasion, waistcoats are all around in fashion as well as tradition. With all the design guidance above, you will be able to pick out the best waistcoat suit for your upcoming events. So don’t budge and give them a try.