Indian Clothes Online Shopping Sites

Indian clothes have been recognized for their beauty and class all round the world and the good news is, they can be found and you can shop them online easily on shopping sites. In India, most of the women wear Salwar Kameez, according to their culture and tradition.

These days, Indian clothes have been in trend not only in Indian market but from customers across the world who mostly buy Indian clothes online on shopping sites and they admire them because of the fact that they are very comfortable & easy to wear. They are made of friendly fabrics like lawn cotton & are available in stylish designs & patterns with long tops that extend below the knee & are beautified principally with heavy neck embroideries & croche patch borders which one can buy all the Indian clothes online.

Indian Clothes Online Shopping Sites

Indian Clothes Online Shopping Sites

Indian clothes available online on shopping sites

  1. Ghagra Choli

Ghagra or Lehenga Choli is commonly worn by people from Gujarat and Rajasthan. There are different forms of this attire that are worn; one is the embroidered version which is worn during wedding ceremonies and the other is mirror embellished ghagra worn during the festive time of Navratri. Donned with the odhni this attire becomes more graceful. You can get the ghara choli online on shopping sites.

  1. Sherwani

Sherwani is a coat like attire worn by men. It is traditionally worn on formal occasions by men primarily of Northern descent. Another variation of it is the Achkan, a knee length jacket. You can get the sherwani online on shopping sites.

    3.  Sharara

A replacement of the ghagra is sharara or gharara which is a loose pleated embroidered trouser. It is worn commonly along with a long kameez and a dupatta. It is the traditional Lucknowi attire which originated during the era of the Nwabs. You can get the sharara online on shopping sites.

  1. Puanchei

This traditional dress of Mizoram is worn by women during festive occasions or marriage ceremonies. It is worn along with kawrechi, blouse for the girls, while performing the famous Bamboo dance. You can get the puanchei online on shopping sites.

  1. Pheran

This traditional dress of Kashmir is a full length gown which is mostly worn during winter and is popular form of dressing amongst both men and women. You can get the pheran online on shopping sites.

  1. Dhoti

Dhoti is mainly worn by rural dwellers of India. However we nowadays see men wearing dhoti in combination with sherwani during wedding ceremonies as well. One can see men wearing dhoti across India. You can get the Dhoti online on shopping sites.

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  1. Lungi

This traditional attire of India is most commonly worn in South India. They are made of silk or cotton and are a good respite from the summer heat. Most traditional ceremonies see men dressed up in lungis, not to forget the famous bhangra dance where the dancers look spellbinding in the lungi. You can get the Lungi online on shopping sites.

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