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Usually for particular occasions people wear specific outfits. However there are certain outfits that go wiAth any occasion. Salwar suits are such dress outfits that you can wear on every occasion. MoreAover it is one of ethnic apparel which has international appeal too. This is the reason why a maAjority of women wear it. After globalization, it gained popularity in many countries around the world. Check out Sana Safinaz Collection for designer outfit.

Simple salwar kameez is worn as a daily wear as it is convenient and needs minimal maintenance. The loose fitting Patiala salwars have the waist tied with string. Patiala salwar suit has pleats that taper at the lower end. Parallel salwar is a mix of the western pant and salwar and has elastic band at the waist. It is worn with a short top.

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Sana Safinaz Collection Salwar kameez types

Churidar salwar has extra-long pant length that gathers at the ankle while the upper part is loose fitting. Sharara Salwar has wide legs looking like a skirt. Boot cut salwars have large flairs at the ankle. Anarkali salwar suits is a Moghul inspired style suit which has a frock like top that has a large flair.

The youth can opt for stylish patterns like spaghetti strapped or strapless patterns that are sure to touch a chord with the fashion conscious youngsters. The modern crowd isn't hesitant in experimenting with varied traditional and unconventional styles.

Earlier it used to be the exclusive dress of women but today it has become immensely popular in every state. It is the favourite dress of women after the sari. Salwar suits are not only comfortable and relaxing but look elegant too.

The salwar suits is not complete without a dupatta or chunni. It is a light cloth worn on the shoulders or to cover the head. The dupattas usually come with eye catching designs and colors with decorations of all kinds. They may have laces, embroidery or sequined and have zari borders, thread work or beads. It is worn in many styles to enhance the beauty of the wearer.

Designer salwar suits

Specially made for wearing during celebrations and festivities, the designer salwar suits dresses come in a gamut of colors, designs and styles. The latest style is the Anarkali salwar suits that are making waves everywhere. They are aesthetically attractive and make the wearer look fabulous.

Richly decorated with sequins and zari, they add glamour to the whole dress. Bollywood stars have worn the Anarkali salwar suits in films and on occasions like premiers and award functions. The umbrella pattern of the top usually made with shiny material with the upper part snugly fitting up and the skirt like lower part opens with a large flair.

Sana safinaz Clothing collection of Anarkali salwar kameez is usually worn for parties as they add elegance and style. Designers come up with gorgeous pieces with silk, satin, chiffon and other shiny materials with rich embellishments to make them unique and special. Online stores display numerous varieties of these dresses in an organized manner for shoppers to choose the best that suits them.

Designs and Patterns

Although the way people wear this suit has not undergone any noticeable change; the designs and patterns have changed to a large extent. Prices have also changed significantly with the entry of multiple brands. Some suits are priced higher because of being designed by celebrity designers.

There are also special salwar suits with exquisite designs meant to be worn during special occasions; however, they do cost significantly more. Get affordable price offer with sana safinaz 2018.

From time to time new styles and patterns have ruled the roost when it comes to a traditional sana safinaz winter online collection of salwar kameez. This attire has left its mark globally and is worn by women all around the world.

Pakistani Dresses Online Free Shipping Pakistani Dresses Online Free Shipping
Pakistani Dresses Online Free ShippingPakistani Dresses Online Free Shipping
Pakistani Dresses Online Free Shipping


The traditional look of a quintessential salwar kameez is unmatchableIt is available in a variety of patterns and styles and is a staple in every woman's wardrobe these days who have a penchant for unconventional styles. This outfit is truly a blend of femininity and elegance. This ensemble consists of a kurti, a churidar and a pretty looking dupatta.

The intricate embroidery woven painstakingly doesn't just represent the traditionalism but also the sumptuousness this attire exudes. The whole process of what to wear on a grand occasion always puts us in a quandary.

Right from weddings to festivals, a pretty looking sana safinaz 2018 will always come in handy and it guarantees to make you look like a real head turner.

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It is a true epitome of elegance and charm and the traditional style is unmatchable. It is available in both jazzy and simple patterns, thereby making it a hot favorite among fashion conscious women. 


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