Eid Salwar Kameez Men

Muslims everywhere in the world have special affection and association with Eid Salwar Kameez Men. This is one of the official festivals celebrated all over the world among the different sect of Islam with same esteem. People plan a lot for Eid celebrations. Good food and traditional dressing are two main ingredients for such celebrations.

Everyone enjoys this event with equal fondness regardless of their age and gender. So everyone switches from their mode of dressing, eating and living on these days. Man has their ways for celebration. Among those ways wearing of shalwar kameez holds an exclusive place. So let's explore trends In these eid salwar kameez men.

Latest Men’s Shalwar Kameez For Eid

Light Colors

Bright colors are attached with Eid celebrations. However, the things are changed this season. Brands and designers are launching their collection with a lot of light colors. Thought some of them include few pieces of bright colors but those are soft bright colors. Moreover, neutral tones hold larger space. Blue, white and off-white are the best choice these days. In short soft or pastel colored shirts are ruling this season.

Light Embroidery


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Latest Salwar Kameez For Men


Designers are less experimenting with embroidery. They include light embroidery around neckline, on colors or small motifs around shoulders are enough. Placket embroidery exists mostly. If there is embroidery on the shirt, then it will be of the same color or soft contrast.

Eid Salwar Kameez Men

However, brands include self –printed or pattern fabric. Those patterned shirts look charismatic and classic. You may observe light blue, light green or light yellow patterned shirts. There are few chickenkari or hand-embroidered shirts for men.

Straight Shirts

As per as cuts are concerned people are choosing straight shirts. A bit kurta style, yet most of it are straight. Peoples are avoiding too loose shirts or kurta slaves. However to gratify summer, one may have slightly loose sleeves. Roll on sleeves is the innovation used with shalwar kameez. Multani Kurta Heavy Collars are avoided.

Shalwar or Pajama


Men's Wear Salwar KameezMen's Wear Salwar KameezMen's Wear Salwar KameezMen's Wear Salwar KameezMen's Wear Salwar Kameez


Shalwars are IN in this season. However, pajama left recently so one can wear or see their existence in few spots. People have two options these days regarding shalwar pairing. People either for the same colored full suit or light colors paired with white shalwar.

 People make sure to use proper accessories along with shalwar kameez on eid. Waistcoats are eligible for most accessories. People love to use black, grey or off-white waistcoats. Waistcoats are printed and patterned too. Peshawar is the shoes for this season. Most of the people like to have one pair of brown or black Peshawari to go with eid salwar kameez men.


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