Top 10 Pakistani Brands

Top 10 unstitched Pakistani clothes brand :


The fashion industry in Pakistan is growing tremedously because we all have an unending craze of wearing branded, trendy and fashionable clothes. In Pakistan, many brands sell stitched and unstitched Pakistani clothes for women and offer stylish, elegant, and contemporary clothes. Many reliable Pakistani ready-to-wear clothing brands are getting popular in this country and on the international level.


Seeing the women's desiring to remain in the spotlight and wearing clothes that define them makes the brands bring in more and more unique styles every day!


This article will mention a few brands that sell unstitched Pakistani clothes with a brief overview of their prints and designs.


Unstitched clothes:


Unstitched salwar kameez refers to salwar suits that are obtained before the tailoring is done. Thus they are substantially cut pieces of cloth, which can then be stitched as per individual requirements. Generally, the extended piece of about 4.5 meters is reserved for the kameez. The main benefit of purchasing unstitched salwar suits is that they can be tailored according to personal taste, requirements, and body types.




Top 10 brands:




Sapphire is the latest clothing brand that provides its customers with the traditional and classic clothes style. They can provide you with unstitched Pakistani clothes, which include two pieces and three pieces of lawn and chiffon women's clothes online and in their branches all over Pakistan. The brand is offering you colorful clothing whenever you want to. The brand's clothing can be very suitable for its customers and catch their sight to it.

Sapphire is also well known for its decent prints and comfortable material. Who doesn't like a material that stays the same even after wash? So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite collection before it gets too late.


  1. Gul Ahmed:


Gul Ahmed is the oldest clothing industry in Pakistan. Gul Ahmed has been providing its customers with unstitched Pakistani clothes with a wonderful touch. Its clothes have been beautiful, which benefit the clothing industry a lot. Gul Ahmed has been noted to give away the most beautiful and perfect clothes for spring or summer lawn collection at really affordable rates. It is a company that produces and sells clothing through a chain of retail outlets under the name 'Ideas by Gul Ahmed.'


  1. Alkaram:


Alkaram is known for providing one of the best unstitched Pakistani clothes. The brand is well known for digital lawn printed collections like chiffon, silk, and embroidered collection, which you could feel free to wear in any event. You might not know, but digital prints are in fashion nowadays! The unstitched dresses are designed with beautiful patches of embroidery patterns, brilliant cuts, and laces for the summer and winter collection. It is providing you with clothes which you can wear on any occasion.


  1. Ethnic:


Ethnic of Outfitters is one of the famous and fastest-growing brands for unstitched Pakistani clothes for women. It does not only provide you with only unstitched clothes but also with some beautiful, attractive stitched clothes. The design they use for their clothing is remarkable, with suitable colors that would make it refreshing. It was established in Lahore in the designer ready-to-wear brand, Ethnic by Outfitters, which has become synonymous with adjustable yet powerful casual wear for both men and women. It is a women's only brand that has received numerous accolades from its valued customers. The brand offers you a chance to buy beautiful clothes you are attracted to and attract others by wearing them. Isn't that amazing?


  1. Sana Safinaz:


Sana Safinaz is an old clothing industry in Pakistan. It provides you with unstitched Pakistani clothes and stylish shalwar kameez, Kurti, matching bottoms, and dupattas. The reason generation is well known is for its elegant designs for women items of clothing it provides. The generation Classic line is all about timeless style. The designs depend on the revival of traditional embroidery patterns and techniques worldwide, rendering them timeless, wearable pieces appreciated by women of all ages. Its clothes are suitable for everyone, and you can even wear them for any festival or event.


  1. Bareeze:


Bareeze is a great leading brand catering to high quality and unique fabric designs for stitched and unstitched Pakistani clothes. The seasonal collection of Bareeze is amazing and full of embroidery work. Women are always attracted to its new dress collections. Its collections are perfect for casual or formal wear. Bareeze offers you its astounding stylish clothes with the most beautiful designs. So are you excited to go through their collection?


It is one of the recognized and well known established brands of clothing in Pakistan. They provide many modish ready-made stitches dresses for women and unstitched Pakistani clothes for ladies. The brand provides its customers with different unstitched clothes on sale.


  1. Beechtree:


Beechtree is a well-known brand for selling unstitched Pakistani clothes to its customers. All ladies' clothing collection is ideal for casual wear, semi-formal wear, formal wear, and sleepwear.


  1. Limelight:


Limelight is a modern brand that has been presenting fashionable dress designs for ladies. All these collections have been completely included with the outfits of two-piece and three-piece suits.

Its unstitched Pakistani clothes, as well as stitched clothes, are available in stores and online. It provides its customers with attractive clothes that give them the will to buy and wear the clothes and enjoy them.


  1. Khas:


Khas  is a famous clothing brand that is working for women's apparel in Pakistan. All its collections have been designed according to the latest and modern fashion trends. Keshia offers its customers unstitched Pakistani clothes, ready-to-wear dresses, and stylish trousers for women.

Keshia offers you unstitched Pakistani clothes with classic designs that can attract your sight to them.




I hope this article about brands selling unstitched Pakistani clothes was helpful for you and you will have an idea of which brand to go for.


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