Latest Men Shalwar Kameez 2021

Latest Mens Shalwar Kameez 2021


Pakistan’s fashion industry mostly focuses on women dressings and attires. However, the industry has grown and now we can find designers bringing out more and more men’s fashion styles for suiting up.


Some of the imminent brands are working left and right to bring out their best models of designs for women and most recently, for men as well. There’s a clear and growing versatility in the fashion sense being worked out for by the brands.


This season, there’s a whole new world of varying styles in the men’s collections all around as for the latest summer collection which will totally change your perspective.  


In this blog, we will go through some of the latest men’s shalwar kameez trends for the upcoming times in 2021. Men also need to have their sense of style updated to the newest tastes and if you’re looking to do so, then you’ve come to the right place. Do some scrolling and pick out whatever suits you to add to your confidence this summer.


Men’s Shalwar kameez 2021


Kurta or kameez dresses are typically designed with round damans. Some keep them simple and others like to spice them up with embroidery around the neck or add some charming colors. This season, it’s not just women who are allowed to go crazy on the colors but also men. Gone were the days when the stereotypes would hold men back from adding more colors to their palettes especially when it comes to younger boys.


  • Colorful embroidered kurta shalwar


Embroidery just lights up the suit and adds to the final look being much more spicy. This year, menswear also has colorful plus embroidered Shalwar kameez styles created by some brands. This gives a good festive look to a suiting that has been usually seen plain. You can now find shalwar kameez in loads of embroidery styles; around the neck, around the usual button parts, and even around the sleeves. Pair it up with some alluring colors, and you’ll find yourself among the latest trends. 



This brand is renowned for their fine and neat menswear designing with a complete variety of all the different attires that relate to men i.e shalwar kameez, waistcoats, kurta, turbans, sherwanis, etc. The simplicity and elegance of their designs is unique and completely worth a shot.


The new collection holds plain kameez with some sleek embroidery on the front or even the ban collar. With some cool shades of color, their designed shalwar kameez in the latest trends are simply graceful. So pick some styles from their designers for making your suits.



Maaz Jee is also a reputable name among the designers for men and their latest shalwar kameez collection is full of decent while simply alluring kurta styles.These are mostly paired with simple white shalwars. They have also decided to enlarge their color palette and enhance the regular embroidery thing. With some dashing collars and fascinating front styles they manage to keep it simple and yet perfect for wearing out and about.


  • Bonanza new men’s collection


Bonanza is also known for some of the most popular and best fashion models of suits. Their latest menswear also features some of the most vibrant designs with creative patterns with pockets and self-prints that come together to create a perfection of a collection. Their black and white shalwar kameez are especially popular among their customers for their stunning and sleek outlook.


Their latest styles also include some unique and new types of simple and brilliant embroidery to give a sharp look to the kameez. All of this combined with their new colors and patterns of the shirts do give a dazzling look to a regular shalwar kameez suiting. You can browse for their designs to come up with some latest ones for yourself.


This brand needs no introduction for their work in the fashion industry as they produce some of the finest attires for both men and women. Their menswear has some of the best Shalwar kameez collections as of late.

From casual to party wear, they cover it all with classy new designs and colors outside of regular.


Their casual wear lists simple kurta and shalwars with decent and light colors as that’s what men prefer recently. While for formal suiting, they’ve come up with an array of different styles, spicing up the cuffs and collars and also the front. Men have been looking up to this brand for the latest trends to follow for the upcoming season, and you should too.


  • Edenrobe latest shalwar kameez collection for men

Edenrobe is also a popular brand when it comes to designing outfits for ladies and gents alike. You can find some of the most unique and latest designs in their latest Shalwar kameez collection for men and boys. They are striving to come up with a mix of traditional wear and modern suiting.


You can browse up to find them using stripes and different patterns on their shalwar kameez and also waistcoats to go along with them. They have great collar and neck designs with a great color scheme to compliment with. So go ahead, browse some styles for an idea of the trends of late.



Bottom line


Men also require an upgrade in their dressing fashions. Gone were the days when fashion was only linked to women. All the brands out there are striving to get men to feel more confident and charming with the latest trends in actions.


You can experiment with some designing yourself per your liking and requirement of fashion that also aligns with the latest trends. Get your tailor some great designs and get equipped with a closet full of trendy attires for the year ahead.


Above we mentioned some styles and designers who have come up with some genius combination of patterns and styles to uplift your summers this year. Go ahead, try them out. It’s worth it.