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Khaadi Festive Collection

The Khaadi Festive Collection comes around any festive time such as Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha, both occasions of immense importance for Muslims. Khaadi has a unique style and design which sets it apart from other brands and gives its clothes the ethnic, Pakistani style while also maintaining elegance and quality in all their clothes. This is what has set it apart from other brands and made it as popular as it is.


Khaadi Eid Collection Khaadi Eid Collection Fancy Eid Collection Khaadi Eid Collection Fancy Eid Collection


The Festive Collection is designed, as the name indicates, with a whole lot of festivities in mind and so a wide variety of styles is available in their Festive ranges. With the ideas of fun and festivity in mind the Khaadi Festive Collection carries beautiful designs in bold colors and print, as exciting as any fun-loving person could desire.

Khaadi Festive Collection

But Khaadi wouldn’t be a top brand if they had only one dimensional collections catering only to one style or age group and so every festive collection also carries dark, smoldering colored outfits with sparkling embroidery and embellishments perfect for evening and night time events.

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Phulkari kurta Catering to yet another style and taste, there will also be pale, elegant dresses pleasing to any customer who loves a good neutral yet stylish outfit. The dresses are made with a variety of fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, silk, cotton satin etc and sometimes there is mixing and matching of fabrics within the same outfit to create more complexity and unique style.

No modicum of style or elegance is sacrificed in the designing of these dresses as they will not just be embroidery and embellishment overload, all the fanciness and formality to the dress is added while sticking to their signature style.


Khaadi Festive Collection Khaadi Festive Collection Khaadi Festive Collection Khaadi Festive Collection Fancy Eid Collection


The Khaadi Festive Collection is an essential presence on the Pakistani Fashion scene but especially during large scale celebrations like Eid. An outfit from the festive collection is not only a wonderful splurge for yourself but would also make the perfect gift for someone else. The dresses in these collections are perfect to wear on any formal occasion such as a family party, a graduation dinner, a birthday etc.

Each collection also carries a range of outfits on different levels of formality and also on different price points so that there is something for every occasion as well as being within most people’s budget. So you don’t really need to break the bank to get a beautiful Khaadi outfit. 


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