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Khaadi Chiffon Collection

The Khaadi Chiffon Collection is a staple of any fashion lover’s wardrobe every summer. Khaadi brings out a beautiful collection based on this light, flowy fabric which is perfect for hot summer days. The Chiffon Collection is usually part of a larger collection such as their Luxury collections or Spring and Summer collections for that year. Regardless of which collection they come with every year Khaadi releases new designs and styles.


Khaadi Chiffon Collection Khaadi Chiffon Collection Khaadi Chiffon Collection Eid Shalwar Kameez Designs For Men 2018

Khaadi Chiffon Collection


This year 2018, Khaadi designers have been inspired by the floral motifs associated with spring and summer to create gorgeous, summery outfits consisting of chiffon shirts and dupattas. Printed with floral patterns, sporting delicate embroidery appropriate for the hot period and comprising of contrasting and complementary colors which are bright and spring/ summer appropriate this collection is truly one to uplift your summer shopping and couture experience.

Khaadi Chiffon Collection

The lightness of the chiffon material and its breathability factor means you will be completely comfortable in these clothes as opposed to any heavy material. Not to mention Chiffon is a beautiful, sheer fabric and can carry delicate prints like no other fabric.


Eid Shalwar Kameez Designs For Men 2018


The other inspiration for the Khaadi Chiffon Collection has come from the traditional gold and silver zari work of traditional Pakistani clothes and is the pride of many Pakistani artisans. Consisting of elegant, pale colors and some bolder colors all the colors and printed designs have been carefully chosen so as to make the zari inspired embroidery the centerpiece of each outfit and not to draw away attention from it.

Chiffon is always a very flowy fabric and makes ripples in the pattern in a unique way that no other fabric does. It can truly give a beautifully delicate look and elevate your daily look to a whole new level.

Why Choose Chiffon


Fancy Eid Collection Fancy Eid Collection Fancy Eid Collection Fancy Eid Collection Fancy Eid Collection


As mentioned before, Chiffon is a light, breezy fabric which makes it perfect for the summer season as it does not cling or prevent ventilation so that you stay comfortable in it throughout the day. It is too sheer to be worn as a shirt on its own so a light chemise is needed underneath but provided it is of a light weight material such as cotton or linen it won’t feel like double layers or make you feel hot.

Khaadi’s Chiffon Collection carries both casual and more formal pieces as well as having a range of prices, making it ideal for all customers.


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