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Khaadi Eid Collection

Khaadi is one of the most popular brands in Pakistan and with good reason considering their unique and beautiful designs and their high quality materials. Khaadi has been one of the leading trendsetting designer brands and their Eid Collection is always bought avidly by customers with good taste and sense of style.

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The Khaadi Eid Collection is no exception to this rule and as with each of their collections, all the clothes are lovingly designed keeping certain central themes in mind, giving the customer a broad variety of designs to choose from.

Manifesting the festive spirit

The Khaadi Eid Collection is always designed with the festive spirit of Eid in mind. Eid is a time to go out visiting friends and family, to attend parties, receive guests and generally have a good time. This is kept in mind when the collection is designed and stitched which means the clothes are made with bright, festive colors and sport lovely embroidery in just the right complementary colors.

Khaadi Eid Collection Khaadi Eid Collection Fancy Eid Collection Khaadi Eid Collection Fancy Eid Collection

The designs are evocative of their inspirations. For example, the 2018 collection is inspired by traditional Uzbek designs, Arabic designs and French rococo style as well as local Pakistani inspiration which is always a staple in Khaadi designs. All of these inspirations show in the clothes with their range of bold and subtle colors and variety of intricate designs For Multani kurta.

The local artisan work of Pakistan is always a feature of Khaadi designs and the Eid Collection is no exception. Their signature flourish always means a beautiful collection.



Khaadi Eid Collection

The Khaadi Eid Collection is also designed with the weather in mind at the time of Eid so in summer time Eid you will get clothes made of suitable materials such as cotton, satin cotton and chiffon while in winter you will get silks and enchanting velvets. This means even dressed in formal clothing, you will be comfortable throughout the day.

Khaadi Eid Collection Khaadi Eid Collection Fancy Eid Collection Khaadi Eid Collection Fancy Eid Collection

Nor does the Eid Collection limit itself to only overly formal clothes. Every time there is a range of styles from the casual to the formal so that whether you are going out to a party with friends or family or you are just having a casual get together at home you always have an outfit for every occasion and look fabulous all the time. This means that every collection has something for everyone making it a truly versatile and amazing collection of clothes.


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